Upcycle Project is a registered non-profit organization
dedicated to pioneering creative circular solutions that
re-purpose textile waste
into valuable raw materials.
Our mission is driven by our passion to build a more resourceful
and sustainable world.
At the heart of our approach are the principles
of creativity, circularity, technology, and innovation. These pillars
guide our efforts to not only reduce the volume of textiles consigned
to landfills but also to conserve natural resources through smarter,
more sustainable practices.


As Founder of Upcycle Project, Gabriella has
made it her goal to raise awareness about the
waste the fashion industry creates. She's done
this through hands-on workshops, student
mentorship programs, inspiring discussions,
TEDxTalks as well as disruptive events and
products that result in creative circular solutions.
As a conscious observer, she believes the future
of fashion will evolve through textile waste
management, innovation, sustainable sourcing,
and ethical production.


Eduardo is a successful serial entrepreneur with
more than ten years in the recycling industry.
Currently, he is an active Board Member and
Managing Director for Movilex Recycling Group,
an organization responsible for closing the loop
on e-waste, the processing of ferrous and
non-ferrous metals, as well as ocean clean-up
of sunken ships in Uruguay, and the clean-up
of construction debris around the Panama Canal.