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Sustainability is an essential quality that nowadays must be present in every fashion designer’s strategy. 
Upcycle Project creates strategic partnerships with design schools to mentor students on fashion sustainability and encourage them to create upcycled designs with materials that would have otherwise been discarded.
Each workshop is customized and designed to challenge the creativity of students, who must only use the donated material or source from other forms of textile waste.
Upcycle Project's workshops help participants identify the current impact of the fashion industry, and shift their textile sourcing mindset into finding creative circular solutions to build a sustainable fashion brand strategy.
As their final project, students participate in a presentation to showcase pieces made from donated materials. 
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Forgotten Pieces

Local dry cleaners must discard abandoned items after a year. By partnering with Upcycle Project, design students from across the country give a second life to unwanted pieces that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Unwanted Bedsheets

The hospitality industry offers an effective source of textile sourcing from bed sheets, towels, and table linens. Soho Beach House Miami donated their unwanted Ferretti sheets for a luxury upgrade by the design students of Istituto Marangoni Miami.

Preowned Denim

To raise awareness about the environmental impact of denim production on our planet, senior fashion students from Miami’s DASH High School were challenged to deconstruct secondhand denim and give it a fabulous second life. Currently, DASH’s students organize a yearly Upcycle Project Fashion Show.

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