3 Tips to Take Care of Your Ethical Closet

According to Fashion Revolution, 25% of the carbon footprint of our clothes comes from the way we care for them. This means we can make an enormous difference by incorporating easy steps into how we tend to our ethical closets. Plus, caring for your clothes makes them last longer, ultimately reducing mindless consumption, which is fantastic news for your pockets and the planet! 

  Sustainable tips to wash your clothes



If you think you should wash all of your clothes every time you use them, it's time to think twice. Although underwear, socks, and workout clothes may be the exception, most garments don't need such constant cleaning. Pieces such as jackets, jeans, and coats, should be washed with a lot less frequency —we're talking after more than five wears.

Reducing the number of times you put clothes into the washer saves tons of water and energy. Not to mention it keeps your clothes in better shape. Overwashing is the main cause of color fading, tearing, and the deformation of our beloved garments.

Make it a rule to ask yourself, do I need to wash this piece, or am I just doing it out of habit?  

 Wash clothes carefully to extend their lives



When you're sure a garment needs to be washed, and you're using a washing machine, use low heat to reduce color fading. Put frail fabrics in a delicates bag to lessen the risk of tearing, and choose eco-friendly detergents. What does that mean? Look for cruelty-free labels and biodegradable ingredients. Also, make sure they don't contain phosphates, parabens, dyes, or other harmful chemicals

If possible, try to find a detergent that doesn't use plastic packaging (liquidless plant-based sheet detergents that dissolve into the water are a great option for this). 


Line drying is better for the planet and for your clothing


If you have to think twice about washing, think three times when it comes to using the dryer. Instead, let your clothes soak up the sun. And if that's not an option, consider using a portable clothesline or an indoor drying rack. Keeping your garments out of the drying machine saves energy, reduces your electric bill, and keeps your clothes nicer for much longer —say goodbye to annoying shrinking and unwanted stretching!