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From Pivot

   The 2nd Edition of the "Museum of Sustainability" is dedicated to all the activists, sustainable brands, small businesses, climate scientists, bloggers, influencers and the public in general who raise their voices to bring about change and help us navigate towards a more sustainable future.

We will get through this together, however long it takes. But once its over we will still be left facing major threats. As it is stated by the UN "Climate change poses the most urgent and far-reaching collective action challenge of our time"

Our main goal is to show consumers that they do have a choice when it comes to making better decisions for the environment and our collective future.

Pivot Market, the first sustainable department store in the US, is turning its space located in Miami into a museum that will celebrate how, entrepreneurs, small and big business, artists, influencers and activists have been on the forefront of this battle against Climate Change and its consequences.

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