Audubon House & Tropical Gardens in Key West, Florida is keeping summer alive with these bird-themed masks that pay homage to John Jay Audubon, of whom this historical museum is named after, and his original prints of iconic birds from Florida’s ecosystem. For $12 a mask, nature lovers can call the gift shop and have it mailed directly to them or stop by the museum.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to Reef Relief, a Key West-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and protecting the coral reef ecosystem.


The Confidante Miami Beach, known for its playful and vibrant experience, is keeping that theme in mind with its new artist crafted face masks. The hotel is offering four unique face masks that were created by the hotel’s local artists partners:  Aquarela Sabol, Carlos Solano, Rigo Leon and Luis Valle – therefore wearing these masks ultimately supports Miami’s local art community. Available for purchase at $10 per mask, guests can choose from the four different tropical prints with retro-glam flare.


KREL Tropical Knitwear is a Miami-based sustainable collection founded by fashion designer and textile artist Karelle Levy in 2002. During the pandemic, they’ve expanded their item offerings to include head covers, face masks, and head tubes that are hand-knit or made from repurposed items like bikinis. Prices range from $15 – $30, and a portion of the proceeds are driven towards feeding hospital workers and unemployed families in Miami.


The UpCycle Foundation masks are made from (new) 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirts. T-shirts were donated to the Upcycle Foundation for recycling due to a printing error. After careful consideration, they have decided to use them to create face masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic. All of the shirts and masks are made in Miami and play a large role in emphasizing sustainable textile practices.


Mode Revolution is an online boutique platform that is home to over 30 different ethical and sustainable brands. One of Mode Revolution’s brands, No Name Just People, started an amazing initiative during the pandemic called Faces For The People. This initiative focuses on giving 80% of proceeds on face masks back to artisans and informal workers in Latin America who have been highly affected throughout the pandemic by employing them to work on face masks.


Kalani & Wolf established a beautiful way to connect veterans and civilians during a pandemic. Each mask honors our soldiers and veterans by keeping their stories alive. The masks are made from upcycled uniforms for Army, Navy, Marines, JROTC and more. A portion of sales will go towards the purchase of Military Care Packages.

Being safe and wearing a face mask is now as much a part of the “new normal” as keeping a distance between strangers in your grocery store line. You’ve probably seen more companies advertising their designer masks on Instagram than you’d ever want to see in a lifetime. We’re also tired of having to wear masks, but as long as it helps keep everyone safe, we’re all here for it. So why not make it enjoyable and support local initiatives at the same time? Here are a great selection of local masks to purchase:
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