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If you are feeling stressed and confused, I understand. What are you suppose to do when even the leaders, high in stature with the economic engine, are tempted to throw up their hands in trepidation, unable to make sense of how to move forward in today’s volatile business.

But let me tell you the good news. I’m happy to inform you that in August 2020, Paraiso Swim Week (held in Miami Beach, Florida) seamlessly produced an in-person Miami Swim Week. At this juncture, what holds us back is a feeling that we’re in over our heads. More to the point, it doesn’t help that the financial sector of the fashion business seems overwhelming complex. Nevertheless, Tara Ink made progressive strides with a handle of robust rules to adhere to bringing discipline and order to fashion shows, presentations and events— all so eloquently showcased at the SLS South Beach.

Beach Bunny:

In fact, the vast majority of guests actively managed to enjoy themselves and reach buying and editorial goals for the week.

In short, you can’t control where the pandemic and economy is headed nor whether the stock market will soar or plunge. But that doesn’t matter. The winners of Paraiso fashion week understand that they cannot control the market segmentation because the industry has grown too complex and fast changing for and leaded to forsee the future. Nonetheless, these forthright swimwear brands focus so intently on what they can control that they will prosper no matter what challenges lie ahead. And with the help of the their insights, the business sector will continue to flourish, too.

Paraiso Upcycle Challenge:

“We have been involved in Miami Swim Week since its inception about 19 years ago. We were actually the agency of record retained to launch Miami Swim Week under IMG. But in all the years, out of the couple hundred fashion shows we have produced, including huge events such as Sports Illustrated Swim, this was the most memorable year. This year hosting Paraiso Miami Beach/ Miami Swim Week has been a labor of love. We are bound together to keep the swim industry alive to help these brands struggling and to create a platform that they can show the collections digitally to editors and buyers around the globe. It is exciting to see a couple thousand people log on to each of the shows. I applaud the team at Paraiso Miami Beach for being so creative and putting together a platform in this "new normal" that supports the industry. After all, this is going to be an endless summer for quite a few months ahead.” - Nick D'Annunzio, Co-Principal at TARA, Ink. 

At this juncture, most of us are well aware that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the fashion industry from every angle, severely impacting companies, lives and the overall market. While there is still no immediate end in sight, there is an opportunity to help the industry by envisioning new ways to support the brands, and reviving the physical experiences as they continue to be an important and much-needed platform for the swimwear industry’s sales, and international collaborations.

Stitch Lab Marketplace:

With the full support of the City of Miami Beach, a number of in-person fashion shows and presentations were produced and live streamed following the strict CDC guidelines on social distancing and other methods preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“We are fortunate that Florida is reopening much more quickly than expected, making it possible for us to hold Paraiso Miami Beach just a month away from the originally scheduled dates”, said Natalija Dedic Stojanovic, Creative director of PARAISO Miami Beach. “We understand the priorities and challenges that brands are facing at the moment. The fundamental platforms that need to be re- activated for the fast recovery of the fashion system as a whole are trade and marketing platforms”, adds Natalija Dedic Stojanovic.

Alongside industry leading brand partners, Beach Bunny, Acacia, Vitamin A Swim, Luli Fama, Agua Bendita, Maaji, and Verde Limón, Paraiso engaged with a highly sophisticated, and creative technology partner theCxn for its new virtual showrooms, who will be supporting in unique ways, helping brands sell their collections in a more creative and visually immersive way. aims to focus on new business opportunities and boost the visibility of their Resort 2021 Collections by activating commercial contacts in order to generate new orders.

Retailers will be able to schedule virtual appointments, shop from curated collection videos, and truly connect and engage with brands remotely. Through designer introduction videos, shoppable runway presentations, and virtual rack with cross-merchandising capabilities, exhibitors will better communicate all the facets of their brand identity and provide buyers with a unique experience. This is the wave of the future coming to fruition before our very eyes.

There has never been a better time to embrace change and evolve. theCxn is an innovative technology built for the new age. The visually strong and creative platform features stunning presentation that can be implemented into sales strategies of the future. The viewer is immersed in an online experience on par with a runway or a showroom visit, ensuring that brand integrity of each house is kept and presentations are aligned with luxury fashion.