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Fashion Revolution USA took part in RiverBlue’s incredible international digital release event last week, which saw amazing turnout in cities across the world from Paris to Cape Town to Monterrey, Mexico.

The film is a compelling documentary that highlights fashion’s water pollution problem. In partnership with other NGOs, Fashion Revolution USA rallied local communities in Miami, NYC and San Francisco to learn more.

In Miami, the event was held at O Cinema in partnership with the Upcycle Project, a local NGO that focuses on teaching high school youth about utilizing fashion waste for creative projects and new clothing. The audience was filled with high-schoolers who spoke of the “life-changing impact” of the powerful film’s subject, the extent of water pollution at the hands of the fashion industry. They walked away inspired to add more of Fashion Revolution’s open-source curriculum to their classes and to join the Upcycle Project in their upcycle-design classes that teach how to use discarded textiles for new clothes.

 Parsons’ Tishman Auditorium hosted in NYC and drew a mix of over 200 students, laymen and industry veterans, who enjoyed a spirited panel after the screening. Moderated by comedian Jordan Carlos, the producer of the film Roger Williams, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, Carry Somers and the eco-entrepreneur and activist, Marci Zaroff, discussed the issues and actions that the audience could take to mitigate their personal impact. The Q&A focused on slowing consumption and vetting brands and their practices before new purchases.

In San Francisco, Remake, Coyuchi, GlobeIn, Wildlife Works co-hosted at the Roxie Theater with another large crowd of over 200. After the film, the panel discussion was themed “Wear your Values” and was moderated by Kestrel Jenkins of Conscious Chatter. Panelists included the other producer of RiverBlue, Lisa Mazzotta, Brand Manager at Coyuchi, Molly Sedlacek, Lauren Friedman of Remake, and Liza Moiseeva, co-founder of GlobeIn. After the event, industry experts and fashion lovers alike met up at a local bar, ABV for an after party of mingling and discussion.

Audiences across the board were galvanized by the film and inspired to share its’ story with their friends and family. And with the digital release of the film slated for the end of November—we can all spread the word of the importance of this film. The harrowing images of pollution that are so hauntingly captured in this film are hard to forget. And for some messages, seeing is believing.

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