A note from our founder

UpCycle Project was born out of curiosity. How can one keep enjoying fashion without the guilt of being a part of one of the most polluting industries in the world? 

The answer was in the landfill.

Using waste to create new designs doesn’t make them dull. On the contrary, it makes them much more exciting.

As consumers that want to be a part of the fashion world, we found our place between the unwanted: the forgotten button-down shirts from the dry cleaners, the discarded school uniforms, and the used sheets and napkins from hotels. It wasn’t sexy, but the fashion industry isn’t always glitz and glam.

We believe we have enough to satiate our hunger for newness by cultivating creative designs with what’s already out there.

Our mission is to bring creativity, circularity, and innovation to the waste created by humanity so that we can continue to live on earth longer. And have fun with fashion while we’re at it.

Gabriella Smith