Our Mission

UpCycle Foundation

The UpCycle Foundation is a registered nonprofit (501c3) focused on creative circular solutions to transform textile waste into valuable raw materials to build a more resourceful world. At Upcycle, we believe that our generation is responsible for creating and maintaining a circular economy. At the forefront of this effort is LOOP! A textile waste management program that recovers textile waste directly from the source to be up-cycled into new materials and products.

UpCycle Project

The Upcycle Project is an agency committed to raising awareness of the fashion industry's impact on the people and the planet. Our mission is to encourage creatives, designers, and students to rethink the waste created by the fashion industry through re-using or 'upcycling' textiles and garments that would have otherwise ended in a landfill. Through educational workshops, sustainable fabric sourcing, exhibitions, fashion shows, student competitions, and events, The UpCycle Project invites the audience to experience sustainability & style in an exciting and fashion-forward context.

For more information visit upcycleproject.org

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UpCycle Shop

Committed to finding creative circular solutions, through collaborations with likeminded designers and brands, we have created the UpCycle Shop, a curated marketplace offering sustainably sourced and ethically made products. Good for the Planet and Good for the people.

Our collaborations are limited-edition. If you are interested in a product that is sold out, please send us a note.