Paraiso Upcycle Challenge

Paraiso Upcycle Challenge 2019

Design students from FIT, Parsons School of Design, Miami Fashion Institute, and Miami International University of Art and Design were matched with five swimwear brands. Every student documented their mentoring sessions, pattern making, and design processes on social media. During Miami Swim Week, held in July 2019, the five contestants presented their creations at the Paraiso Miami Beach Show, where student Hannah Myers from FIT was chosen by a panel of judges from the industry to win $5,000.

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Paraiso Upcycle Challenge 2020

In 2020 design students from Miami International University of Art and Design – Raquel Zerbib, Chevia Roach, Alejandro Barzága, Angelique Salcedo, and Susana Restrepo, were mentored by brands Normaillot, Chromat, Perry Ellis, Charlie Holiday, and Agua Bendita, respectively. After the students presented their pieces at a socially distanced event, judges Fabrice Tardieu, Jenny Perez, Kelly Saks, Yanira Pineda, and Jeannette Roger selected Raquel Zerbib as the winner.

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