Soho Beach House
Upcycled Towel Bags

Soho Beach House provides guests and members a quiet luxury experience, with highly trained staff, impeccable service, and an exquisite overall aesthetic that creates a home away from home. This experience includes high-quality, oversized, fluffy cotton towels available for every guest to enjoy. The disposal of damaged towels is a byproduct of the hospitality industry and a space for creative circular solutions.

It takes 20,000 liters of water to make 1kg of virgin cotton and 7kg of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to turn that cotton into canvas bags, towels, and promo material.

In 2018, UpCycle Project conducted a research study that found over 1,400 pounds of beach towels are discarded per year. Driven by our mission, we presented the possibility of reusing -instead of disposing of- unwanted towels by transforming them into stylish hotel beach bags, creating a one hundred percent upcycled product, ethically made in Miami.

With the repurposing of damaged beach towels, Soho Beach house saved 3 million liters of water, reduced CO2 emissions, saved on the cost of new canvas bags, and prevented 1,000 pounds of textile waste from going into Florida landfills.

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