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UPbag for Uniforms

UPbag for Uniforms

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How It Works:

Recycle your unwanted uniforms! Help keep textiles out of landfills and maintain the integrity of your school brand with our straightforward UP-Bag program.

Simple Steps to Make a Big Difference:

  1. Purchase the UP Bag: Fit up to 15 LBS of unwanted uniforms into a single bag.
  2. Pack It Up: Fill your bag with clean, no-longer-needed uniforms, including:
    • Polos, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, T-Shirts, Button Down Shirts
    • Sweaters, Dresses, Sports Uniforms
    • Jackets, Sweatshirts, Socks
  3. Free Shipping - Free Return: Each bag is complete with a prepaid return label for easy recycling.
  4. Receive Your Certificates:  Receive a Certificate of Environmental Activism to celebrate your contribution to our planet, and a Certificate of Responsible Recycling to assure the ethical disposal of your textiles.

Act Now:

Join the UP Bag Take Back Program today and be part of turning old uniforms into new opportunities. Help us meet our annual goal of 100,000 uniforms—every uniform counts towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

Why Choose Us?

As a registered non-profit, the Upcycle Project not only assures the repurposing of textiles, but educates. We're dedicated to reducing textile waste through active community involvement and hands-on environmental education. By participating, you help us complete the cycle of fashion sustainability and teach our children the importance of protecting our planet!

UP-BAG Materials

The Up-Bag is made from 50% recycled content.

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